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Colbridge Ventures

Growing Firms with Social and Environmental Impact

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About Us

Colbridge Ventures is a growth advisory and venture studio for social impact and cleantech startups.

We have two types of offerings. Colbridge Growth is for firms that are at seed stage or beyond and seek to scale. We act either as consultants for specific growth-focused projects or as interim execs to execute longer-term remits. We focus on all commercial aspects of early stage businesses - including market understanding, licensing strategy, business development, sales growth, marketing mix, financials, and fundraising. If funding is sought we can also make select investor introductions through an extensive international network. We act as a management consultant, business development professional, and investment banker, all rolled into one. This is ideally suited to the needs of young growing technology-based businesses, who are often short of time, staff, and money. 

Colbridge Studio is a venture studio for very early stage startups that are looking for a commercial partner to help develop their business. We act as a commercial co-founder, providing the mature entrepreneurial and commercial guidance to help founders get the company off the ground. We invest up to $30k ourselves and can help fill out angel or pre-seed funding needs through an extensive investor network.

What we believe

We believe that we are at a critical juncture in humanity's journey where environmental disaster and massive social upheaval will occur if we don't act quickly. Business and technology can provide some of the answers. We are seeking similarly mission-driven entrepreneurs to partner with. Here are some of the areas that particularly interest us:


This is the defining crisis of our time. Projects to help reduce carbon in the atmosphere and to mitigate its effects are desperately needed. This includes arenas such as the circular economy, bioplastics, new energy, alt foods, and carbon credits.


Improving access to and quality of education can tackle a host of social ills from excessive population growth to domestic violence.


Water systems are being disrupted by the changing climate. We need ways to clean water, utilize seawater, and generate new sources of freshwater.


There are troubling signs across the world of increasing societal divisions. We are interested in tools to reduce divisions and heal societal wounds.

Regenerative Agriculture

Agriculture has the power to restore the land and water systems that support it. We believe this will be an essential tool to clean the earth while feeding the growing population.


While giant strides have been made to make a more equal society, there still remain embedded prejudices based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

New Grid

The massive increase in renewable energy required to meet net zero targets will need an overhauled grid.

Wealth Independence

We are interested in ways for people to reduce their dependence on traditional sources of income. Greater financial security will improve educational and health outcomes and reduce income inequality.

Energy Storage

One of the key roadblocks to greater penetration of renewables is the limited nature of energy storage.

If you have an early stage company in any of these areas, or believe there are other areas we should look at, then get in touch. We will get back to you within 1 week.

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