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Manshu Agarwal

The Founding Partner of Colbridge Ventures, Manshu has over 20 years of experience leading and advising early stage tech  and cleantech firms. Former Founder/CEO of 2 mobile app companies (social consumer and ecommerce), President of a bioelectrical water treatment startup, and BD Director of Synthetic Genomics, a leading bioenergy and genomics firm. Raised over $110m in venture finance across US, Europe, and Asia. Columbia MBA, Cambridge engineer. Based in London.


Elliot Yan

Elliot is a veteran entrepreneur, investor, and technologist. He has over 20 years of experience founding, operating, and exiting early-stage tech startups in media, ad-tech, e-commerce, and fintech. Formerly CEO of VisionNexus, one of the top advertisers on Google, successfully exiting to Looksmart. Worked at Idealab, the original venture studio, under legendary investor Bill Gross. PhD CompSci, Marshall MBA. Based in LA.

Venture Partners

Marek Herrmann Nowosielski.jpg

Marek Herrmann-Nowosielski

Marek has over 20 years technology commercialization experience at both multinationals and venture-funded early stage ventures in software and cleantech. He specializes in water, DAC, and SAF. Formerly  SVP Technology at Oasys Water, Director of Product at Hubbell, and Lead Engineer at GE Energy.  Built and exited a medical software company. Fellow of IChemE, Babson MBA,  Cambridge Chemical Engineer. Based in Boston, US.


Bruno Van Gompel 

Bruno has over 30 years of experience in the Food & Beverage and Chemicals industries. Until recently he was VP of Technical, Innovation and Supply Chain for Western Europe at Coca-Cola and led the Sustainable Packaging Office. He has served on the Boards for the European Fruit Juice Association and the Plastic Bottle Platform and advises and speaks regularly on innovation, sustainability, supply chain and circularity. Based in Ghent, Belgium.


Angela McKane

Angela has 20 years’ experience driving technology innovation, particularly around sustainability across the energy sector. She was recently VP Technology Insights at bp, identifying technology investment opportunities. Earlier in her career, she was at Transport for London and led a research team at the University of Glasgow, her alma mater. Angela speaks regularly at leading innovation conferences and writes a column for Oilwoman Magazine. She is based in London. 

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Puja Balachander

Puja has 10 years of experience driving impact technologies, both as product lead and Founder/CEO.  She currently leads the Venture Launchpad at Carbon13. Previously, as Product Director at Think of Us, she focused on systems change in child welfare. Before that, she was founder/CEO of Devie, a startup helping parents of toddlers, and which she led to exit.  She is a graduate of the American University and holds an MBA from University of Oxford.  Based in London. 

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