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Manshu Agarwal

Over 20 years of experience leading and advising early stage tech  and cleantech firms. Former Founder/CEO of 2 mobile app companies (social consumer and ecommerce), President of a bioelectrical water treatment startup, and BD Director of Synthetic Genomics, a leading bioenergy and genomics firm. Raised over $110m in venture finance across US, Europe, and Asia. Columbia MBA, Cambridge engineer. Based in London.


Elliot Yan

Over 20 years of experience founding, operating, and exiting early-stage tech startups in media, ad-tech, e-commerce, and fintech. Formerly CEO of VisionNexus, one of the top advertisers on Google, successfully exiting to Looksmart. Worked at Idealab, the original venture studio, under legendary investor Bill Gross. PhD CompSci, Marshall MBA. Based in LA.

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Puja Balachander

Puja has 10 years of experience driving impact technologies, both as product lead and Founder/CEO.  As Product Director at Think of Us, she focused on systems change in child welfare. Before that, she was founder/CEO of Devie, a startup helping parents of toddlers, and which she led to exit.  She is a graduate of the American University and holds an MBA from University of Oxford.  Based in London. 

Focus Area Experts

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Sharath Jeevan, OBE

Motivation and Education

Sharath is one of the world’s leading experts on re-igniting our inner drive and a successful edtech entrepreneur and author. He founded and led Ambition School Leadership and STIR Education, which received $50m and $25m in funding respectively and transformed educational experiences across the world.


Patrick Maxwell


Patrick is a California-based UX and UI expert. His skills have helped reinvigorate several brands including Hilton, Forbes, and the Associated Press. Now the CTO at Thriv Sports, he creates clean intuitive user experiences and effective interfaces. He is our go-to expert for all UX/UI related issues.

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