Colbridge Growth

Consultants that understand early stage technology-based businesses 

Colbridge professionals are seasoned management consultants that have deep understanding of early stage technology-based businesses. However, unlike traditional management consultants, we not only provide the market understanding and strategy, but can also help you execute your growth strategy, and raise more capital if needed. We know the unique demands that scaling your company requires. 

We can help you reach your growth goals and improve your business across all key commercial areas:

  • Market research

  • Competitor analysis & market positioning

  • New product launches

  • User experience & product virality 

  • Pricing & sales strategy

  • International expansion

  • New marketing channels

  • Analytics, KPIs and dashboards

  • Financial analysis & modeling

  • Alternative business models

  • Pitch deck preparation & fundraising

  • Partnerships & M&A

Our team has over 60 years of combined experience building and growing early stage ventures, with particular experience in cleantech, renewable energy, marketplaces, ecommerce, social networks, and fintech. And given our base of contacts, we can be especially helpful to companies wishing to expand into the US, Europe, Middle East or Asia.

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Why Work With Us?

Colbridge helps you improve your business quickly by letting you hire an experienced and entrepreneurial business consultant who is highly motivated to improve your business and hit your growth and fundraising goals.

Accelerate growth projects 

You've probably got several project ideas that could grow your business. But there's never enough time in the day to get round to them. A Colbridge Partner can increase your team's ability to get these critical projects done. And because our Partners are likely already experienced in your industry, there will be limited downtime getting us up to speed. Just plug and play.

Hit sales goals

You've got aggressive sales goals. Some of these sales may come from new channels or sectors where you have little experience. Others may come from new partners or relationships you have yet to establish. We can explore these new avenues for you to strengthen your pipeline and increase your sales growth.

Fill skillset gaps cost-effectively

While you work on finding talent to scale your product, you're likely to have gaps in your team's commercial skillset. Having an experienced entrepreneur and consultant, working inside your team, can help you plug those gaps.

Get an external idea generator

Alternative perspectives on your business can stimulate ideas that generate growth. Because we've worked in multiple early stage companies, we can also bring in ideas from many industries to enable you to be best-in-class.

Get funding quicker

Fundraising can take over 50% of a startup CEO's time - time that could be better spent on the business. Your Colbridge Partner can lead your fundraising push to help you hit your fundraising goal without compromising your business. And because we already have a strong network of investors ready to invest in the sectors of interest to us, we'll have a headstart on the process.

We're unique in the market, combining top-tier management consulting backgrounds with business development and entrepreneurial skillsets. We can help you grow your business rapidly, collaboratively, and cost effectively. Get in touch for an exploratory session with one of our consultants.

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"CBV supported LiveHive across multiple dimensions - whether it was pushing us hard to think about how to build in viral growth to the product, or really working out the kinks in our marketing and onboarding journeys, Manshu brings a “been there and done it” attitude and experience to the relationship. As a first time CEO, I also personally found his advice highly practical - as someone who has been through the start-up journey Manshu knows what has worked, and just as importantly, what hasn’t, when it comes to fundraising, management team building, setting up equity and incentive structures, and just the hard work of building a business from scratch. It’s been invaluable to have someone independent and experienced watching and supporting us in everything we do - which is different from any other adviser or mentor relationship I've seen"

Dave Nicholson, Founder/CEO LiveHive
2x former Founder: Zopa (IPO target 2022, unicorn, top 10 UK startup), Yoyo Wallet (exited to Saltpay 2020)

Colbridge Studio

Our venture studio is for Founders that are in the very early stages of company building, little more than a concept and a deck. Successful applicants receive up to $30k towards building the MVP or prototype. In exchange we will receive 10-25% of the company's equity. We can also help you fill out the MVP round of funding through our extensive angel network. You'll work with a variety of our partners and focus area experts to help you build the product and business plan. We will also help you find co-founders, build a team, get your first batch of users, and guide your market launch.